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Bonfire Night Banners

This year, many of us are looking forward to enjoying some Bonfire Night celebrations, especially as so many have unfortunately been cancelled over the past two years. Now that restrictions have lifted, we are all keen to socialise. But Bonfire Night can be a dangerous evening for many reasons. We take a look at how bonfire night banners can help keep your visitors safe. 

Bonfire Night Banners: Safety

Pyrotechnics come with an inherent risk to your visitors and staff. According to NHS Digital, there were nearly 2,000 incidents where people went to A&E due fireworks-related injuries and burns in 2018/19. As such, it’s vital to make sure that everybody is kept aware, informed and vigilant at all times.

Ensuring that your bonfire night event has proper signage can go a long way to helping to keep your visitors safe. Large scale PVC banners are completely weatherpoof, so will maintain their message and legibility whatever the weather. Use these banners outdoors and indoors throughout your venue to promote safety messages.

If you need a good starting point for your bonfire night banners, why not include important safety messages like:

  • Stand well back from the bonfire
  • Keep behind the line at all times when watching the firework display
  • Always wear a non-flammable glove when holding a sparkler
  • Never hold more than one sparkler at a time
  • Remember to keep pets indoors 
  • Dispose of sparklers into a bucket of sand
  • Buckets of sand and water here!

You can also promote safety facts around your venue on Bonfire Night, to ensure everyone can enjoy the event safely. For example:

  • Fireworks can travel at speeds in excess of 150 miles per hour!
  • Throwing a firework is a criminal offence with a fine of up to £5000
  • Most fireworks-related injuries happen to children – keep your kids at a safe distance at all times.

Bonfire Night Banners: Covid 

Currently, no legal restrictions are in place for Covid safety. However, we are all naturally still cautious and with infection rates currently rising, it’s best to be safe. Reassure your guests with prevalent Covid safety signage in the form of banners. Use large scale, weatherproof banners to recommend safety measures such as:

  • Please wear a mask in crowded areas
  • Please sanitise your hands here
  • Please have your Covid Passport / Negative LTF result ready to show

Mesh Banners

If you’re concerned that your outdoor banners may lose some legibility due to the wind (it is November after all) make your bonfire night banners mesh! We offer mesh banners in a variety of sizes. A mesh banner is PVC material printed with lots of small holes, to allow wind to travel though the material. This means it won’t flap around and should remain clear and legible at all times. (Read more about the benefits of mesh banners.)

Should you need any help with your bonfire night banners, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our friendly team today! 

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